Executive Search

It is people who determine the performance and future of a company with their ideas, drive and character. Whether Munich or Zurich, SME or minor corporate group, board member or head of division is immaterial: we help our clients to enhance their value-added through our knowledge of and/or ability to find the ideal candidates to appoint to the positions in question. We rely on our network of highly professional managers with good social skills.

Successful managers operate on the international stage, move confidently in global markets and keep an eye on the workforce, sustainability and continuity as well as shareholder value and innovation management.

Our efficient methodology, which we continue to hone and tailor to the needs of our clients and candidates on an ongoing basis, is the result of tradition and experience alike. Because sustained and comprehensive network management is at the heart of our business, we regard both clients and candidates as our partners. Not only should they be able to expect the same quality standards, they should also benefit from appropriate, on-going support.

An innovative company when it comes to searching for, selecting and placing managers and supervisory board members, Liebe • Sutor • Gawlowski operates as an internationally oriented partner with a focus on and appreciation for local issues. We embody the concept of the small and medium-sized enterprise.

Supervisory Board / Advisory Board / Governing Board

At a time when supervisory board members are increasingly coming under public and shareholder scrutiny, requirements governing the search for suitable personalities to replace incumbent board members are becoming more and more stringent.

Our “Supervisory board / advisory board / governing board” division creates a platform for encounters, exchanges and the appointment of supervisory / advisory / governing board members for the optimum benefit of both parties.

With the advent of new expectations in terms of quality, the division is undergoing change. It is gradually becoming less common for people to be appointed to supervisory boards via the personal network, move up through the ranks of the managing board or be nominated to ensure maximum public representation, as the focus turns to the necessity of professional qualifications and the true function of this body: to supervise and advise the management board.

Independence and experience, integrity and a sense of responsibility, skill at keeping managing board salaries and bonuses within socially acceptable limits, recognising and preventing decisions which may appear profitable in the short term but may damage the company in the long term, and the resulting ability to plan in a far-sighted and sustained fashion beyond quarterly performance – these are the hallmarks of the modern supervisory/advisory board.

Independence and experience, integrity and a sense of responsibility, control over a socially acceptable level of executive remuneration and bonus payments, recognition and avoidance of decisions for the company that appear to be worthwhile in the short term but are detrimental in the long term, and the resulting ability to plan far-sightedly and sustainably beyond quarterly thinking - this is what a modern board looks like.

In this environment, Liebe - Sutor - Gawlowski has established itself as a professional advisor. We help our clients to find outstanding personalities for their supervisory boards, boards of directors and advisory boards. We also evaluate existing supervisory bodies and their members. The supervisory board members and advisory boards gained with our support have the necessary competencies, independence and ethical stability. They therefore have the qualities that give companies a sustainable advantage in global competition. We can look back on many years of board experience. 

Organizational Leadership: promoting people and developing organisations

Organisational Leadership - promoting people and further developing organisations

Our world is becoming increasingly complex. Among the main drivers of this development are digitization, convergence and disruption. But it also opens up new opportunities and chances. 

How can we successfully continue to do business while at the same time introducing the right level of innovation? But above all: to win people over to necessary changes? The answer to this question is Organisational Leadership. 

This is far more than filling top positions. It is about identifying and promoting the creative potential in companies, individual organisations and teams, and thus each individual. This is how innovation culture, willingness to change and inventiveness unfold.

Finding solutions together

Our clients are confronted with a variety of challenges. Liebe - Sutor - Gawlowski has comprehensive expertise to develop tailor-made solutions together with you. We act as a reliable partner, open, honest and respectful. In particular, we support you in the following topics and areas:

  • Professionalization of HR teams (people, organization, methods)
  • Executive Assessment 
  • From mediocrity to high performance (in management and in teams)
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Successful integration of personalities
  • Recruitment and assessment of committee functions

In the future, Jörg Schwitalla will support us with his practical experience and 15 years of leadership competence as a board member and managing director in well-known companies.

Industry experts


The question “How can you scale an existing business?” is one that crops up frequently. There are generally two options: expansion through the founding of new businesses, or the conventional acquisition of local or international companies. It is vital that experts are involved in the due diligence process in order to provide a detailed impression of the market or align the new acquisition with the existing business and release the resulting synergies.


The topic of industry experts is crucial in respect of private equity funds in particular. LSG & Kollegen GmbH supplies industry experts for deal origination or due diligence in the deal cycle.

Deal origination

More and more funds and deal-by-deal vehicles are penetrating today's market, while the number of transactions is declining. This is why companies need to stand out from the rest and establish a structured origination process. Industry experts can help to source targets in the desired market, while management entry may be achieved through existing advisors' contacts in some cases. The basic prerequisite for proprietary deals is the network!

Due diligence

Since private equity funds have intensive dealings with a variety of industries, they consequently also deal intensively with the identified targets. It is nevertheless essential to exchange views with experts who boast long-standing experience in the industry and to involve them in assessing the company in question. LSG & Kollegen GmbH provides exclusive access to a selected network of consultants.

These consultants often take a position on the advisory board or are integrated into the company in an active managerial role following a successful transaction. For this reason, this range of services fits seamlessly into LSG & Kollegen GmbH's overall approach of using a network to generate value-added.


Performance and satisfaction are the outcome when profile and potential are harmonised with an existing or envisaged management position and the objectives of the company.

The LSG rating system is the basis for a systematic and qualified recruitment process which entails LSG & Kollegen GmbH combining a variety of scientifically proven assessment methods. The primary goal is always to objectify the assessment of candidates using measurable standards. A crucial success factor is our skill at focusing on finding candidates with the right professional and personal attributes.

Our consulting approach is based on the following concept:

  • Personality traits are determined by means of psychological testing.
  • Previous career successes are established via the use of targeted interviewing techniques.
  • We verify historic behaviour patterns by approaching qualified referees in person.

We then capture these impressions centrally in the LSG rating system and evaluate them using a standardised system and a coefficient. The consultant’s subjective impressions are compared with the reference details and the results of psychological testing in a transparent process.

We consequently generate the following benefits:

  • Optimum recording of candidates’ professional and personal attributes.
  • Objective assessment of candidates.
  • Measurability and optimum comparability of the quality of candidates.

As an accompanying element, the evaluated contents are relayed to all involved in the course of a 360-degree feedback process. We thus create enduring value-added for the candidates, among other things via open communication of any recommendations for action. Moreover, we provide our client with an objective and transparent presentation of the candidate as a basis for optimum candidate matching.