LIEBE & SIMON Sports Management

Maximum Added Value From Both Worlds

As a former professional athlete, Tobias Simon knows the needs, the successes, the defeats, the phases of injury and rehabilitation, as well as all other aspects and needs of being a professional athlete from decades of personal experience. These personal experiences are absolutely essential in providing the best possible advice to players, regardless of the stage of their own career.

As a founding partner of a leading international top management consultancy, Kai Liebe originally brings decades of experience in the comprehensive support, development and shaping of top management careers at the highest level in international business. In addition, he has many years of experience in cross-cultural negotiation and is well versed at the highest level.

Our athletes benefit fully from these decades of experience when planning and implementing their individual careers. Our aim is to provide the best possible support with a full focus on maximum individuality for maximum success in order to become the best possible version of themselves.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, our services are not only provided on and off the pitch - before, during and after a professional career.

Kai Liebe & Tobias Simon stand with their name for their performance based on trust, authenticity, transparency, individuality, longevity, passion and fairness.